Sales Success Training

  • Do you have the skill to ‘read’ others when selling? 
  • Do you understand sensory acuity and calibration in a non-verbal environment?  
  • Do you know how to build essential rapport with your customers so that they trust you and will buy from you?
  • Can you determine a client’s buying strategy so that you can sell to them in a way that appeals to them?
  • Is it easy for you to apply your interviewing skills to gather quality information?
  • Can you track how your client is thinking by understanding sensory language and eye accessing ques?
  • Can you handle any objection with ease?
  • Are your goal setting efforts being realised?
  • Can you use metaphors and advanced language patterns?

Sales is a complex yet subtle science that can be codified.

Learn how you can master the craft of sophisticated selling by understanding and applying some simple yet effective principles.

Learn to be an effective communicator and influencer, intergrating these skills with the 5 step sales process to completely transform your results.

Remember: You get what you focus on.

Contact us now for a confidential meeting regarding your team’s Sales Training needs.

Public course schedule

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