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New to recruitment? Or perhaps you’re ready to take your recruiting career to the next level.

At Thinking Forward, we offer professional recruitment induction and consultant training for recruiters of all levels, both agency and in-house recruiters. Ask yourself the following questions and then talk to our team to ensure you always have the right answers:

• Does your client look to you as their trusted advisor and mentor on recruitment methodology and talent delivery?
• Are you constantly looking for new and better ways to attract and connect with talent?
• Are you still practising ‘just in time’ transactional recruitment or are you talent and client savvy?
• Are you delivering a standard of service to your client base that other recruiters are not?
• Are you educating your clients on the benefits of exclusivity and enjoying your wallet share?
• Are you targeting long-term clients with fee-generation growth potential?

Recruitment Induction Training Benefits

At Thinking Forward, we understand that the nature of employment is changing rapidly – there are talent shortages and technological advances that are completely reshaping the way people work. Our courses can help all recruiters:

• Partner with clients to recruit and engage the best people in any industry
• Respond to the evolving needs of their clients
• Identify new ways to address and service their market sector.

As recruiters, we know that talent attraction and selection are paramount to the success of any business. If you are a recruitment agency or part of an in-house recruitment team, we can help you to achieve:

• A standard of service that is second to none
• Assist you in creating a team of Recruiters that are knowledgeable and exceptionally competent
• Recruiters that are fully trained in the process and methodology of recruitment
• New and better ways to connect with clients and talent.

For a full list of our training courses or to discuss your consultant training needs, contact us now. Let us help you become a top-notch recruiter or take your recruitment business to the next level.

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Let us take your people on a great learning journey … and take your business to the next level.


What We Cover:

• Overview of the recruitment industry
• Why is recruitment such an important business to be in
• Perm vs contract
• Contingent vs exclusive vs retained
• Strategies for sourcing candidates – Sourcing, approaching and recruiting the right candidate
• Sourcing, approaching and recruiting the right candidates
• Securing exclusivity of candidates
• Interview – techniques
• Prepping the Candidate for Client Interview & Debriefing the candidate after the interview
• Candidate selection
• Candidate care tactics that grow your desk, your business and your brand
• Preparing the candidate to accept an offer
• Preparing for, managing and avoiding, counter-offers
• Preparing for the client meeting
• Conducting an effective client meeting
• Identifying a Clients Buying strategy
• Values based questioning
• Securing exclusivity on your permanent job orders
• Qualifying the order and taking control and always managing the outcome
• Candidate Profiling and selling your candidates into an interview with the client
• Floating candidates
• Managing a range of objections and pushback
• Order prioritising
• Infiltrating client account

Delivery Methods

Interactive Tutorials

• Our learning environment is an open and interactive space , we encouraged questions and discussion.
• Our students fully engaged with interactive tasks, drills and challenges.
• A blend of individual, pairs and group activities will keep people moving and mixing.
• We use a wide range of coaching modalities to ensure your learning preferences are catered for.

Scenario Based Skills Drills

• Skills drills are an important feature of our learning process.
• We dedicate ample time to practice skills and develop your competence and confidence.
• Practice sessions are carefully created to address “real world scenarios” so the moment you get back to work, you can put your skills to work.

Application Debrief & Forums

• All skills and techniques are linked back to your business, how they fit into the day to day routines of your roles and how to put them to work for greatest impact.
• Before, during and after each lesson we’ll frame the outcomes and relevance to you and the key moments of your business.
• Through open discussions, we will explore opportunities where the various skills can be used and how.
• It is vital that you return to work with a large catalogue of applications and feel excited knowing precisely where and how to apply your skills.

Who Should Attend:

New Recruiters 0 months – 12 months

When Is It?

19th and 20th June, 2017

9am – 4pm (8.45am registration)

Where The Course Is Held:

Bligh Business Centre

12/37 Bligh St, Sydney
NSW 2000

What Is My Investment?

$ 1750 pp + GST

Group discount for groups 4 or more.


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