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Advance Engagement Skills for Recruiters

Connecting . Consulting . Aligning . Partnering . Influencing

Our Human Connect Program is not about the systems of recruitment, how to recruit, sourcing candidates, marketing or market share. Instead, it is about the core of what we do – interpersonal excellence and the business of people.

In an age where technology, digital tools and internet interfaces are abundant and being adopted as primary platforms of engagement, we find ourselves becoming more and more focused and reliant on the technology and systems supporting our recruitment industry.

While digital and technological advances have delivered enormous improvements in efficiency, reach and exposure, we have not advanced our human connection and engagement skills to take full advantage of the opportunities we create.

The Benefits of the Human Connect Program

As a member of the Human Connect Program, you’ll be focused on developing the engagement skills you need to connect, communicate, consult, align, partner and influence with exceptional results in all the key moments of the recruitment journey.

23rd and 24th AUGUST

For Individual Recruiters

As a recruiter, imagine if you could:

• Address and eliminate the inner barriers that sabotage your human connections and interpersonal success
• Develop the confidence needed to master the Human Connect Program
• Connect with an unlimited range or personalities with greater rapport and credibility
• Consult with greater focus, speed and pinpoint accuracy about the things that really matter (candidates and clients)
• Align yourself and others with greater certainty around values, preferences and outcomes
• Create lasting partnerships anchored by mutual respect and understanding

For Recruitment Agencies and HR Teams

What would your business look like if you could:

• Become the recruiter of choice (for talent and clients)
• Maximise networking opportunities
• Stand out from the crowd and attract more clientele and talent to your brand
• Accelerate talent acquisition
• Accelerate client acquisition
• Promote talent with greater accuracy and influence
• Create, promote and close more opportunities
• Convert more business with greater speed and rates of retention
• Increase revenues, growth and market share
• Resolve problems with greater speed and satisfaction?

Engage at a much deeper and more connected level. Become consistently effective at triggering curiosity, connection, credibility and partnership – through alignment and influence with both talent and clients.

Human Connect can help you or your recruiting agency to achieve all of this and more. Learn more about Thinking Forward or join the program today.

Day 1: Connecting:

• Key Moments in Recruitment

• Partnering for Success
o Criteria for well-formed Partnerships
o Who are your key partners
o How do you invite, frame, organise and maintain powerful partnerships

• Identify and overcome Barriers to Successful Engagement

• Understanding and Respecting Models of the World

• Connecting with Rapport and Credibility

  • Communication Model
  • Frames
  • Rapport Essentials
  • Pre-suppositions

Day 2: Consulting, Aligning, Influencing:

• Forensic Questioning
o Specifying the vague
o Testing assumptions
o Uncovering process
o Identifying options and opportunities

• Agreement Frames
o Design and application

  • Pre-frames
  • Levers of Influence

• COV Consulting (Context . Outcomes . Values)
o COV process and application (client & talent)
o Tower of Profit activity

• Values Profiling
o Values profiling process and application (client & talent)
o Applying values intelligence to key moments of recruitment

Delivery Methods

Interactive Tutorials

• Our learning environment is an open and interactive space, we encouraged questions and discussion.
• Our students fully engaged with interactive tasks, drills, and challenges.
• A blend of individual, pairs and group activities will keep people moving and mixing.
• We use a wide range of coaching modalities to ensure your learning preferences are catered for.

Scenario Based Skills Drills

• Skills drills are an important feature of our learning process.
• We dedicate ample time to practice skills and develop your competence and confidence.
• Practice sessions are carefully created to address “real world scenarios” so the moment you get back to work, you can put your skills to work.

Application Debrief & Forums

• All skills and techniques are linked back to your business, how they fit into the day to day routines of your roles and how to put them to work for greatest impact.
• Before, during and after each lesson we’ll frame the outcomes and relevance to you and the key moments of your business.
• Through open discussions, we will explore opportunities where the various skills can be used and how.
• It is vital that you return to work with a large catalogue of applications and feel excited knowing precisely where and how to apply your skills.

Who should attend?

All levels of Recruiter (both agency and Internal)

Recruitment Leaders

Internal Hiring Managers

When is it?

Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th AUGUST

8.30am – 5pm (8am registration)

Rydges Sydney – World Square

389 Pitt Street Sydney

What is my Investment?

$ 2100 pp + GST

Group discount for groups 4 or more.


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Meet our Facilitator

Andrew is a master trainer and mentor in the field of people and performance.

Andrew inspires his audience to tap into and develop their Interpersonal Genius in order to master the art of Connecting, Communicating and Collaborating with an unlimited range of personalities in the key moments of their personal and professional lives.

While Andrew’s people and performance solutions are highly strategic, he is passionate about addressing the inner hesitations and barriers that hold people back, preventing them from taking full advantage of their opportunities. He inspires people to “Get out of their own way.”

With over 25 years experience in solution design and mentoring, Andrew delivers an extensive range of solutions – working with teams on such areas as Interpersonal IQ, Communications Strategies, Diagnostic Consulting and Personal Resilience, helping people to master the Interpersonal Excellence they need to conquer the challenges of competition, growth and change.

Andrew, recruitment training facilitator, Thinking Forward

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