Career Coaching

  • Dissatisfied with your current role or direction?
  • Lacking a clear strategy to get out of a ‘career rut’?
  • Not clear on what roles you want to apply for? 
  • Applying for positions but not invited to interview or receiving offers?
  • Unsure how to access the hidden job market?
  • Confused on how to liase with Recruiters for career assistance?
  • Unclear on how to interpret Recruiter feedback?

Relying on the advertised job market may result in missing the best untapped opportunities and being stuck in an unrewarding career path.

Career planning requires strategy and execution, in which YOU – the job seeker – has control.

YOU must:

  • Increase your awareness of what you want and what you have to offer
  • Become a ‘buyer’ as well as a ‘seller’
  • Allign yourself with the profile of the successful candidate
  • Become connected with the right people and organisations
  • Gain increased motivation and confidence
  • Take advantage of the hidden job market
  • BE the most compelling candidate

Lean this an more ….  Contact us today for your career coaching interview.

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