Corporate Internal Recruitment

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Are you an internal recruiter or HR professional who wishes to maximise your ability in attracting the best talent for your vacant positions?

With advanced recruitment strategies and recruitment training, we can help you and your business answer the following questions:

• How can we really attract and identify the best talent in the market?
• What exactly should we be looking for and asking during an interview?
• How can we truly distinguish between a candidate’s skills and behavioural competencies?
• Is it really financially beneficial to use an external recruiter?
• Should we use the traditional model for third party recruitment or are there alternatives?
• Which option is best for my business?
• How do I teach my top tier managers how to screen and select talent effectively and successfully?

Effective Recruitment Strategy

Talent attraction, selection and retention are paramount to the success of every business. Whether you are recruiting from within your organisation or utilising external recruiters to access a talent pool, the one thing that remains constant is the necessity to select the best and most suitable individual for the job.

Research shows that nearly 25 per cent of Australian employees will change jobs every year. When you consider that staff turnover costs are up to 150 per cent of a person’s annual salary, it further reinforces the need for an effective recruitment strategy.

How Thinking Forward Can Help

Creating a competency framework, ensuring effective and detailed position descriptions, developing or re-engineering current recruitment processes, and developing the skills to conduct effective behavioural competency-based interviews will all significantly support your organisation’s objective to improve your talent acquisition.

At Thinking Forward, we specialise in helping businesses to understand and implement an effective recruitment strategy while also teaching the process and skills required for successful recruitment, interview, and selection.

Corporate employees getting some trainingOur key focus areas include:

• Designing an appropriate and effective internal/ external recruitment process
• Developing targeted position descriptions
• Creating a competency framework
• Training on end-to-end recruitment process.

We offer training in:

• Writing an effective job advertisement
• Candidate screening and selection
• Interview – behavioural competency based (NLP communication model)
• Benchmarking – selection after interview
• Conducting your own reference checks
• Finalising the job offer.

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