Is Storytelling the Key to Sales Success?

Is Storytelling the Key to Sales Success?

Young man telling a story to a woman in the office

Storytelling is one of the most compelling strategies that you can master and apply for sales success.

Why? Not only can great storytelling differentiate you from your competitors, it also resonates with customers and draws them deeper into the conversation.

Through stories, you can spark that connection with your clients, providing a smoother pathway to determining their needs and creating a solution.

It’s one thing to create a list as to why someone should buy your product or service, or join your company, but it’s another to tell a compelling story and bring that list to life.

To get you started, here are two ways storytelling can enrich your conversations and help seal the deal.

Use Metaphors

What makes a great story? Metaphors!

Your story most definitely needs to make a connection and be relatable for the listener – and metaphors are the glue that hold the story together and make the magic happen.

For example, a famous metaphor by Muhammad Ali: I float like a butterfly and I sting like a bee.” Pretty much sums up Ali’s speedy lightness and powerful punches.

Metaphors are symbolic and visual. They are emotional, and often translate a message faster than words would allow.

Metaphors will help your clients soak in an experience. They will promote a connection and encourage your audience to feel emotion , which in turn will build trust in your brand or product.

Metaphors are visual, and imagery lives longer in your listeners’ minds, evoking a reaction to what’s being said in a more memorable ‘emotive’ way.

Done well, metaphors can most definitely push the conversation or sale in the right direction.

Always Find Relevance

When it comes to meeting a prospective business client, it’s really important to create a connection.

If someone told you a story and it had nothing to do with your interests or business goals, would you be interested? Probably not.

This is where relevant storytelling comes in. It can bring you and your customer closer.

Telling a story with relevance will pull your listener in, and if the story is directly relevant to your customer’s business goals, you can both move to the next phase in a meaningful collaborative way.

A tip is to explore your client’s business pain points via similar stories or relevant personal experience.

You can paint a powerful picture using these stories, and sharpen the focus on the goals and how you can help your client achieve them.

Extra Storytelling Tips

1. Keep it simple – Don’t assume that you need to include everything when storytelling. It can be off-putting. Less is more.

2. Introduce a new thought – Or challenge conventional wisdom. Has your client thought about every opportunity? It can engage interest.

3. Make a pertinent point – Have well-researched viewpoints included in the story that relate to the client and the situation at hand

4. Try it and see the difference!

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