Playing Smart – 5 Secrets to Recruiter Success 

Playing Smart – 5 Secrets to Recruiter Success 

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Meet Steve. Steve is quite something. Starting his career as a developer, and having dealt with recruiters throughout his young career, Steve saw a need for Recruiters who actually understood what he did for a living first hand. 

 So Steve in his wisdom, began his own recruitment firm – a business that recruited developers, sourced and hired by a developer. Novel concept? – no, Steve is not the first, but Steve does it remarkably well. Why, I hear you ask? What does he do that is different?  

Intimate Understanding of The Market Sector

 Specialising in an industry and even role type gives you an intimate knowledge not only of the market, but also of the jobs in play and the candidates best suited to take on those roles.  

 Recruiters with a high degree of success are engaged daily with movements in the industry through social media, blogs, industry-specific media, meet-ups and frequent contact with those in the industry.

An investment in sponsorship and attendance at market-specific conferences, forums and engagements also shows the market that you’re involved and available to understand and anticipate client needs.  

Work Exclusively, Not in Competition

 Secondly, Steve does not work in competition. Once securing a role, he and his team work all jobs exclusively or on a retained basis.  They are not simply roles to Steve and his team but rather, extensions of themselves and their own expertise.  

 It requires confidence and skill to ask for exclusivity on a job. With an intimate understanding of a sector in which they specialise, successful recruiters are confident in their ability to fill roles. When you know all the players and the segment intimately, there’s no question that a client recognises the ability of a recruiter to fulfil the brief.   

Rapport and Relationship Building

 Steve has exceptional human engagement skills.  His ability to build rapport, connect, impact, influence and convert his candidates and clients is a skill he studies and continually applies on a daily basis.   

 Successful recruiters maintain and build on relationships throughout their market segment – and beyond. They use technology to manage contacts, but human engagement to connect and nurture relationships as well as understanding nuances in personality.  The art of connection, impact and influence is something that is practised daily.    

Strategic Approach to Passive Recruitment

 The best recruiters are always working. At social gatherings and industry events, expert recruiters engage in dialogue that helps to build social and media networks to capitalise on opportunities as they present themselves. 

 They’re actively engaged in seeking out opportunities and demonstrating the confidence to ask for them. Meanwhile, social engagements provide a welcome opportunity to maximise capital within their field of expertise.   

Social Media Mastery

 Looping back to market expertise, successful recruiters use their market knowledge to pinpoint communications to their target audience. They use relevant content to inform and attract candidates by implicitly highlighting their skills, knowledge and Industry expertise. 

 It’s an approach that uses dialogue rather than a spray and pray tactic that wastes time and energy, while sifting through candidates that are more aspirational than appropriate.   

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