Is Human Engagement Crucial for Recruiters?

a recruiter connecting with a candidate

Advanced recruitment strategies in today’s modern business environment call for an approach that blends the advantages of technology with a back-to-basics line of action.

The values that corporations are searching for aren’t just the technical requirements of a role, but a value fit within an existing cultural infrastructure that a new recruit brings to the organisation.

Technology has a vital role to play in assisting recruiters to identify the skills, education and experience required within a role. And of course it has an even larger role to play in our ability to source and create strong talent communities.

However, technology is only one of many elements that are essential to the role of a recruiter. Any experienced recruiter – who is advanced in their craft, understands the paramount importance of human engagement.

Industry thought leaders are constantly reminding us that all our activity on social and on-line platforms are causing recruiters to lose vital skills.

Direct Communication and Connection

We are all so focussed on building communities on social media, yet no-one is paying attention to the fact that we are quickly losing the ability to communicate directly with others.

The demand for human skill sets that meet the needs of the organisation are going to occupy an increasingly larger component in identifying successful candidates.

You only have to think about the importance that customer experience now has within any organisational context to realise that every employee is now a sales person and brand advocate for the business in which they operate.

A talent to identify individuals with the prowess and aptitude to meet the employer’s requirements are the hallmarks of master recruiters who recognise the value in moving beyond the brief and understanding not only what’s required of the role, but the needs of the organisation as it evolves. Making a great connection with the candidate and client is vital, influencing and producing a positive outcome for both.


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