Five Reasons You’re Not Filling Your Vacancy

Five Reasons You’re Not Filling Your Vacancy

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New clients often tell me that they can’t find good people. There are no good candidates out there to fill our vacancy, I’m told.

These clients have a tendency to look at the candidate as an isolated identity and not as a part of the whole picture. And this is where the process begins to go pear-shaped!

Upon closer inspection of the client’s processes, the following is usually unearthed:

1 Not invested in the recruitment process

“Jeez I hate recruitment!” is probably not the best approach to hiring for your business.
If you are truly committed to finding the right person for your business, then the hiring manager MUST spend quality and concentrated time on doing so. One hour per week, out of their busy schedule will not be enough. Hiring must be prioritised.

2 Doesn’t understand the recruitment process

“I interviewed for a receptionist and only received 45 responses!”

Forty-five responses are too many. In this instance, look at your advertisement. Is it correctly structured and very specific to draw out only the right candidate? More importantly, have you advertised using the right medium? A position in a small company, in a small local area, may have better results advertising locally rather than on SEEK.

3 Not considering their passive network

Passive candidates via your network are highly valuable candidates. Why go through the pain of advertising and screening when you have exactly the candidate you are looking for just a phone call away?

4 No career path

Having a career path both attracts and retains top talent. A candidate must be able to visualise their progression path within an organisation and the ways they can achieve it. Otherwise it is just a stepping stone to the next best thing.

5 Salary and benefits are off base

In this time of economic downturn, companies will be cost conscious. However when it comes to hiring, salary and benefits must be on par with industry standards and expectations. A candidate worth hiring is a candidate worth looking after!

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