Are You Anticipating Your Client’s Needs?

Are You Anticipating Your Client’s Needs?

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As a recruiter in the modern recruitment world, we all understand that identifying, locating and recruiting unique talent is a priority. After all – isn’t that why your clients use a recruiter instead of hiring directly themselves?

As recruiters, we are focused on improving our rapport-building strategies needed to entice and secure candidates – to create high quality placements that fulfill our candidate’s requirements.

However, with the ever-changing recruitment atmosphere, all too many recruiters are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow their business because they are too focused on connecting with candidates and not focused enough on their client connections.

There are plenty of resources at your disposal to make you a stronger, more crucial asset to your clients and of course, having the ability to connect with candidates in order to match them to the right opportunities is vital to your recruitment success.



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What Don’t Clients Want?

It is no news that organisations (and potentially your clients) are becoming increasingly weary of recruitment agencies and the perceived value that they bring to the table.

With the ever-changing market, combined with the technological advancements in talent acquisition, recruiting agencies must showcase their value to an even higher degree than ever before.

Clients want to know that, if they invest in your company, you will bring them positive outcomes.

In order to understand what Client’s want – let’s first look at what they don’t want.

Your Client does not want a recruiter who:

  • Has no knowledge regarding them or their organization and who shows no particular interest in learning.
  • Who continually submits profiles of candidates that are ‘perfect’ but that do not (even remotely) meet the brief.
  • Who promise the world – repeatedly overselling their capabilities but do not deliver.
  • Who add zero value – past the submission of candidates – candidates who are all readily available via job board advertising


What Your Client Does Want…


  • Clients want access to unique candidates they are currently not reaching on their own.
  • Your clients are already involved (most likely) in some sort of social media recruiting strategy
  • Your Solution: To showcase your ability to extend farther than where they are currently reaching candidates.
  • Clients want specialized candidates with unique skillsets.
  • Your Solution: Niche recruitment. Specialisation. If you can bring your client the hidden gems of their market, you are golden to them.
  • Clients want to trust that their recruitment efforts are going to be a worthwhile investment.
  • While technology offers the capabilities to reach a higher quantity of candidates quickly, clients need to know that the quality of individuals will not be compromised.
  • Your Solution: You are the human element that is missing in these technology-centered recruitment strategies. You create an atmosphere of rapport and connection before your client ever interacts with a candidate.


Be sure to always have:

  • A clear understanding of the client’s niche market
  • Knowledge of the client’s current recruitment strategy (internal recruiters, current platforms for accessing clients, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Proven ability to convince candidates to come to the hiring table
  • Your strategies to help the client gain access to the talent community you have created.


The client connection: Anticipating your client’s needs

This sets you apart from other recruiters that rely solely on wooing a client while leaving them unimpressed in the long run.

Show your value as a recruiter by demonstrating your skills and ability to provide answers to struggles they didn’t even know they had. Speak to their pain.

Understand recruitment from your client’s perspective… and deliver.

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